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Nautilus “Connect to Server” is much slower than the terminal’s SSH

In both machines I usually operate on, one at home and another at work, Nautilus seens to work pretty fast when it comes to my local files. However, as soon as I connect it using the SSH option on Nautilus, it becomes really painfully slow, taking 2-5 seconds to open a folder, while a terminal ssh session would take just a fraction of a second to run a cd command.
The same goes for copying files, with a cp being nearly instantaneous on terminal-SSH, while
it takes a lot more in Nautilus.

The worse case, however, happens when i try to copy any of my local files to the remote side using Nautilus: it may take several minutes, maybe an hour, if the file (a tar, for example) is too big (500MB or bigger, let’s say) while a sftp > put or scp would last seconds, or just a few minutes at worse.

Isn’t Nautilus supposed to run the same SSH/SFTP connections and commands? If yes, why would it be considerably slower than the terminal on that?

Update: both of my machines were attempting to connect to the same server, which happens to be an AWS ec2 instance. Those two can use the nautilus remote session with no significant delay between them, only the AWS machine offers this kind of issue on both. While this may seen an AWS issue, I still don’t see how can the SSH terminal be way faster than Nautilus even on AWS.

Update 2 : The same problem happens on pcmanfm, so this may be not a Nautilus problem after all.

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