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moving user account manually

had a imac 21″ 2011 model high sierra with the nvidia gpu that had high casualty rate, could see from the death it was the gpu it’s hd was 2tb.

bought a mac mini 2012 Catalina 200gb ssd and 500gb hd,
of cause, I can’t restore the time machine backup because of the size difference.

my goal is to get my user back with data and keychain and the works, apps do not matter.
I took apart the imac and salvaged the 2tb hd and put it in an external usb3 enclosure

connected it to the mac mini and it see it and I see all my data on the external hd

what does it take to restore my user account ? can I make a dir in \Users\ with my user name and mount the external volume as that and then login with the user?

I’m happy enough with keeping the data on the external hd and the os and apps on the ssd

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