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Miracast over infrastructure help needed

Miracast Over Existing Network ( infrastructure )

Miracast question

Have been searching the internet for a solution to this for ages, with no luck.

Hello I saw a post regarding Miracast and really hope someone can help me. I have a LGOLED55C9PLA TV which is Miracast enabled, I want to share my PC screen to my TV, I have been successful using WiFI, but my USB WIFI dongle is not powerful and my house is fully Ethernet wired, so that seems the obvious choice. As Miracast now supports Ethernet ( infrastructure ) I really want to go this way. I have not found much to help me on the internet, the only thing I found was that a connection has to be made with WiFi before using an Ethernet link, but can not find out how to do this.

I really hope you are able to offer me a solution….many thanks

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