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Minecraft SingleClicking macro


I got a new mouse. It has some extra buttons on the side, so I was thinking, how can I make this left click? Much to my dismay, mouse (a RedDragon Nirvana) has no software. My first idea was to use a program to switch the side button to the left button. After some research (about 30 minutes), I found xbindkeys. I had a lot of trouble setting this up, and after 1 hour of trial and error and some help from my friend, I managed to switch it. All is well? Not quite. This doesn’t work with Minecraft because (unfortunately) Minecraft doesn’t use X. I downloaded an autoclicker (not to be used on multiplayer) and bound it to the extra button (button 9). This does only really fast clicking, not one click, and even then, it is toggling, not oneclick.


I would like a Minecraft mod that allows for making click macros… It should click whenever I press the desired button (button 9), and not be bannable on servers (hypixel, antiac, etc.). Any ideas would be much appreciated!

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