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mime problem with firefox-esr in debian stretch

I’m running debian stretch. Ich have this problem for some years. Debian migrated about 2017 icedove–>thunderbird and iceweasel–>firefox(firefox-esr).

Whenever I klick a link in thunderbird to start firefox he is complaining not to be standart browser. In mate-control-center, I’m not able to enable firefox.

xdg-mime query default text/html


update-alternatives --config x-www-browser 
There is only one alternative in link group x-www-browser (providing /usr/bin/x-www-browser): /usr/bin/firefox-esr
Nothing to configure.


ls -al /usr/bin/firefox-esr 
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 30 Mar 10 22:59 /usr/bin/firefox-esr -> ../lib/firefox-esr/firefox-esr

What I tried to resolve this:

  • Create new profiles for firefox and thunderbird.
  • Searching in my $HOME for old mimeapps.list and mime caches.
  • Remove both and rebuild mime-database as user and as root.
  • control in config editor from thunderbird and points to x-www-browser.

Command x-www-browser opens firefox. and now I’m out of knowledge.

I’m not alone with this

Purging and reinstalling both programs not working.

but i found out, then I start the module directly


firefox is set as default browser. And in tab Multimedia my default programs are set too.

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