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[ Mental Health ] Open Question : Why does noise bother me so much?

Ok so about 2 years ago I was accidentally exposed to a high burst of noise that left my auditory nerve with severe damage and trauma. After the incident, I was left with mild to severe hearing loss in both ears. It dips back and forth from mild to severe across the frequencies. Since then I’ve grown to hate noise. I hate traffic, tapping, chewing, clicking, whistling, background noise, just EVERYTHING! I dont know why. I have a super hard time with it. I also can no longer tune out noise. I was given hearing aids by my audiologist which help out some but not completely. Why do I hate noise so much now? Is it because of the damaged auditory nerve? I never had a problem with noise before. It never bothered me until after the incident. I am diagnosed with Autistic Disorder but honestly I’m more like an Aspergers Guy than “fully” Autistic like the doctors say. Also I have abnormal cranial nerves due to Oculocerebrocutaneous Syndrome. Could the Asperger’s or Oculocerebrocutaneous caused the loud noise to have affected my auditory nerve more than a normal person? 

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