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[ Mental Health ] Open Question : Do I sound autistic ?

I’m the most awkward person you’ll ever meet. When I’m around someone who I don’t know well, I am really “weird” around them and am very quiet and don’t know what to say so if they talk to me I would keep saying “yeah” and fake laugh because I’m nervous around them and don’t know what to say. Even when I’m nervous around someone I hold my breath while talking because I’m so nervous. A while back when I worked as a cashier, I was so worried that i would mess up and i would think too hard to concentrate on my job so i won’t mess up so then the customer wouldn’t talk about me to their friends but I end up messing up anyways. Especially when I would be a cashier to teenage boys or girls and they were with their friends, my heart would race and my anxiety would skyrocket to the point where I’m getting sweaty because I don’t want to mess up and have them talk bad about me and laugh at me. I’m just awkward, shy and I come off as “weird” to others.. I know there’s something mentally wrong with me but I’m just wondering if i could be on the autism spectrum..

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