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MBP Battery normal but won’t charge, pro is now glitchy and slow

I’ve got a MacBook Pro (mid 2012 using Majave) which was bought reconditioned 2 years ago. It’s been great, no issues. I updated a search engine app (Ecosia) while the battery was charging, once full I decided to it shut down as I don’t recall the last time I did this. It wouldn’t turn on after this so I plugged the Magsafe back in, turned it on and it started up….

Now it’s showing battery at 0% – Magsafe light is on green and icon shows “Battery not charging”
“Power source: Power adapter”. It’s taking ages to boot up (though all the usual things happen) and i’m often getting the spinning wheel, which never happened before, it was always quick and responsive.

I’ve done the following with no change to the above issues:

Deleted the app I updated thinking it might be that
Bought a new Magsafe (light is the same)
Cleaned/checked the MagSafe connection
Updated Safari & security update (not yet Catalina though)
Scanned using Malwarebytes – 0 threats detected

I have 360GB left of 480GB & only use Safari, Mail & Word.

The battery shows 334 cycles – well below the 1000 it could take before needing replacement.

I’ve spent hours googling all the possibilities and now I’m here. Now we’re all in Covid 19 lockdown meaning taking it to someone isn’t an option so ……Can anyone help please?

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