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[ Marriage & Divorce ] Open Question : Why does my husband feel the need to dismiss my needs?

After being married for 5 years, my husband still believes his needs are of utmost importance. Just a while ago I sat down to watch a movie. He walks in, takes the remote and changes it. I tell him calmly I was in the middle of watching a movie and he says, “Well I’m watching this now.” His reasoning (I’ve asked him before) is that he paid for the TV, not me, so he had rights over the TV that I don’t have. He gets upset and questions me when I buy one or two grocery items he doesn’t like but I do. He rants and raves that he’s never heard of the item and doesn’t want to try it. He wants me to make his food EXACTLY like his mom and grandma made it. I can understand keeping a few traditions alive and I’m more than happy to do that, but he doesn’t want me to start any of my own. My stomach tightens into a knot when he walks through the door because I know it’s time for the dictatorship to commence. Is this a hopeless situation?

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