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Make a button open a Window on Beeware

I’m very new to coding, about 2 weeks in. But, for a school project, I’m trying to create an app. To make my Python run on android, I’m using the Beeware suite. So, what I want to do is, on Android, when I click a button, I want it to open a new window. Like when you’re on instagram and you click on someone’s profile. Here’s the code I’ve done til now.

import toga
from import Pack
from import COLUMN, ROW

def about(button, formal_name='a'):
    main_box = toga.Box(style=Pack(direction=COLUMN, background_color='#7ed6c6'))
    hello = toga.Label('Hello there!')
    main_window = toga.MainWindow(title=formal_name)
    main_window.content = main_box

class Casa_musica(toga.App):

    def startup(self):
        main_box = toga.Box(style=Pack(direction=COLUMN, background_color='#7ed6c6', padding=20))

        button = toga.Button(
            'Click me', on_press=about)
        self.main_window = toga.MainWindow(title=self.formal_name)
        self.main_window.content = main_box

def main():
    return Casa_musica()

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