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Magento catalog price rule grid not working

I’m unable to create catalog price rule and existing price rule too is not working in site. In console, I could see below error.

uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘select’ of undefined
at g.bindFieldsChange (grid.min.js:20)
at g.initGrid (grid.min.js:7)
at g.initialize (grid.min.js:3)
at new g (legacy-build.min.js:1)
at (index):160
at Object.execCb (39daca1563231596c195ad22ae44a0ec.min.js:112)
at Module.check (39daca1563231596c195ad22ae44a0ec.min.js:56)
at Module. (39daca1563231596c195ad22ae44a0ec.min.js:72)
at 39daca1563231596c195ad22ae44a0ec.min.js:11
at 39daca1563231596c195ad22ae44a0ec.min.js:74

  1. I tried redeploying, as it seems to be js issue.
  2. I ensure no duplicate catalog rules in DB

Can some help me to identify issue and suggest for fix?.

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