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Magento 2 Configuration settings – Clarify app:config:dump vs app:config:import

I just want to understand the workflow of Magento 2 configuration settings.


In Magento 2, there are these command-line commands:


Am I correct in saying:

  • app:config:dump is for importing from database into configuration file (app/etc/config.php).

  • app:config:import is for importing from configuration file (app/etc/config.php) into the database.

  • Assuming this is correct, would I only really use the configuration file when importing data into a new database from existing settings in a config.php file (ie run app:config:import once, then change everything I need in the admin backend instead of in config.php file (ie site specific styling etc).

  • After I am done with everything (so last step), I run app:config:dump, to update the config.php file again?

  • Somewhere along the way all my settings became locked in the M2 backend, I assume it is because I ran app:config:dump? (I figured out clearing specific entries from config.php json they will be editable again, and saved to database).

This workflow of locked configuration settings in backend is really inefficient so I decided to clear everything in config.php file (instead of the modules enable/disable) settings.

Can someone please clarify these for me please.

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