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Losing weight rapidly by doing a no-solid-foods diet,

I’ve lost ten pounds in two weeks, using a no-solid-foods diet that a neighbor spoke of. I drink nutritious beverages such as lattes (espresso with whole milk) and iced teas (sometimes sweetened, sometimes unsweetened). In the last two weeks, when the hunger got unbearable, I ate a Chipotle steak bowl one night, and a roast beef sandwich another night. The rest of the time I am drinking lattes, teas, and bottled water.

I’m really happy with the weight loss and am amazed at the diet’s effectiveness, but would there be consequences to my health if I continued on this path? FWIW my neighbor who spoke of this no-solid-foods diet is a much older man — 60 to 70 years old, I’d estimate — and he says he’s been doing this diet for a long time now. He appears very healthy to me.

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