Looping over multiple data frames to ggplot

I am very new to the language.

I have read in multiple csv files as dataframes,


file_list <- list.files(path="/Users/user/go/src/Project/outputcsv2D")

filenames <- gsub("\\.csv$","", list.files(pattern="\\.csv$"))

for(i in filenames){
  assign(i, read.csv(paste(i, ".csv", sep="")))

but when I try to loop over the filenames[i] to plot,

#making a list of plots
plot_list = list()
for (i in filenames) {
  p = ggplot(filenames[i], aes(y, x, colour = color)) + geom_point(alpha = .4)+xlim(0, 150)+ylim(0,150)
  plot_list[[i]] = p

# Save plots to png. Makes a separate file for each plot.
for (i in filenames) {
  file_name = paste("2D", i, ".png", sep="")

it is giving me this error :

Error: `data` must be a data frame, or other object coercible by `fortify()`, not a character vector

I have tried get() or but neither seemed to work.
What would be the solution for this problem?

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