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[ Law & Ethics ] Open Question : Why does the USA get a bum rap from foreigners who have no idea about us?

Why does the USA have the longest prison sentences in the world ?

How about this.

The USAs laws themselves are no different than the laws of most countries in the world…

The USA, for whatever reason, has a larger percentage of it’s population, compared to other countries…

Who for whatever reason, can’t or wont solve their problems the right way.

Won’t Go get a job or won’t go into business or won’t ask for help..

Won’t respect the lives of other people,
Won’t think for themselves, won’t accept imperfection, won’t accept that things happen in this world..

Refuses to understand it when their childhood is over, or hasn’t ended yet as the case may be..

Refuses to acknowledge or is too incompetent or mentally ill or disturbed to acknowledge the facts behind banned or age restricted vices.

There is very little can be done with people.
By the End of the day…
We will do with them what we must, and what is possible.

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