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[ Law & Ethics ] Open Question : Selling car to family turned dilemma?

I’ll start basic . .. This is a lot … I had a car more summer appropriate ( blue book 4500) needed more 4 season drivable. my aunt purchased me a car (9800). The stipulation that I sell the old to give something for new and call it even .  okay now it gets tricky ……   My ex husband becomes intetrsted in old vehicle and creates a payment plan with my aunt . at this time I’m unaware of what there agreement us bit im told he’ll be purchasing it sand paying my aunt since that’s where money is to go . So….. He picks car up at which time I say should I write gifted since your family and it’s being sold way cheaper than the 4500 and uiur dking a plan. He said yes then just write free.. Done faniky transaction complete …. Nope… He apparently oaid her 500 then they had a falling out and he won’t pay . so I’ve started chipping away at oaying her but now she is taking him to court . he tried getti g me to buy car back for 500 and some work he did but I am broke lol. So now court … Seems like with all there messages of payment arrangements easy for court but now I’m being told i could get in trouble for tax evasion . hooing not cuz technically I’ve never been given money and I only knew he was getting car cheaper . sooo… Any input on how court might go

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