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[ Law & Ethics ] Open Question : Is this considered sexual harassment or I didn’t do anything wrong?

I didn’t even touch or do anything to the girl. Here is what happened
At my office on the first floor there was a girl who just smiled and said hello to me, I asked what her name is and introduced myself to her. This girl however works for a different company but in the same office building as me. After that I personally went a two times and inquired about that girl to her company office admin and told her specially to say that I said to say hello to her and also just asked about if she came to work today and when does she usually come to work.
That girl after finding this out she went and complained to my company HR and my company office admin happened to have this all captured in video footage. After my manager found out about this he asked me to resign or I had to face the legal team, corporate security and HR. Was this a wrongful termination for me or I could have gone to a lawyer to fight my case to keep my job?

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