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[ Law & Ethics ] Open Question : I’m under guardianship, can I do anything?

I’m a 28 year old single mom, I live at home still, I work for a living but planning on getting back to school, I have a boyfriend who lives another state, yet my parents don’t approve the fact that I’ve made mistakes in the past  yet I want to make better choices, but anyway they threatened him that they gonna call the cops if he continues talking to me even though he’s 29. 

But they made me feel that I can’t do nothing in life like live on my own, drive, go out and do stuff with my kids, they always keep me home ever since I was 18, like I know how to do things is that they get mad when I do things myself, am I allowed to do anything? I have kids, I voted couple times, I know how to groom myself and know how to buy things and pay stuff, should I have to terminate the guardianship? Because I want to get married one of these days

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