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Kubuntu 19.10 – Volume keys suddenly stopped working

I’m having some trouble with keyboard shortcuts, specifically with Meta key and volume keys.

What happened is that, I left my laptop open, I didn’t even locked the screen, I left Google Chrome open with a Twitch streaming, I left it for 20 minutes approximately, and when I came back I tried to mute the volume and the key shortcut didn’t work, before I leave it, it was working perfectly.

My keyboard has a dedicated mute key and didn’t work, I checked other shortcuts like brightness and toggle touchpad and they worked. I also checked on “Global shortcuts” and “Mute” was set to the correct key, I tried re-assigning them and didn’t work either.

I also noticed that media keys, like pause and forward don’t work either.

I’ve also had trouble with the “Meta” key, is the same thing, they work normally but suddenly it stops working.

The only way to make them work again is, log out and log back in or rebooting the device

I recently installed Kubuntu on my laptop but I haven’t installed many apps or packages, I’m new to KDE and Plasma

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