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KRunner file search out of date, despite baloosearch giving correct results

When searching for files with KDE’s KRunner, I am getting outdated results. Calling baloosearch directly gives the expected results, which is strange, since KRunner should be using just that.

For instance, when I renamed

From:  "obscure_filename_AUTHOR.pdf"
To:    "YEAR - AUTHOR - TITLE.pdf"

executing baloosearch AUTHOR will yield the new filename, but typing AUTHOR into KRunner still shows obscure_filename_AUTHOR.pdf only — and trying to open it yields the expected “file not found” error.

Similar issues occur with file creation (KRunner doesn’t find the file) and deletions (KRunner still finds the file), despite baloosearch showing, that the index is updated.

My issue is similar to what is described in the reddit post KRunner: Force reindex of available files. However, in my case the solution doesn’t apply, since the baloo index isn’t outdated; Only the results in KRunner are.

In that post, the problem was solved by forcing a reindexing of baloo, but in my case the baloo index is already up to date, with baloosearch giving the expected result.

For testing I forced a reset by executing

balooctl stop
sleep 10
rm $HOME/.local/share/baloo/index
rm $HOME/.local/share/baloo/index-lock
sleep 10
balooctl start

Is there some kind of cache in KRunner, that may be out of date?

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