kotlin 1.3 – not able to access jodajs from jsMain

I am trying to create a kotlin Multiplatform library which can later convert into java and javascript using  IDEA 2019.3, kotlin 1.3 .

In the jsMain I am trying to add some logic to manipulate Date and I decided to use joda js ( and in the gradle file I added following block

js().compilations.main.defaultSourceSet {
    dependencies {
        implementation kotlin('stdlib-js')
        implementation 'org.webjars.npm:js-joda:1.10.1'

I can see that gradle downloaded those files but in the jsMain I could not access joda js library.
I know that question is bit abstract but I do not know how to ask in anyotherway.

Can someone has any idea why it’s not available in the jsMain?

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