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KDE/Plasma and large monitor: how to snap windows to 3×3 grid?

Doing a lot of software development I frequently need to see many windows at the same time. Thus I’m frequently arranging windows by dragging them to the left/right edge of the screen to scale them to 50% of the screen width or to one of the corners to adjust their size to a quarter of the screen size.

With 30 inch+ 4K+ monitors getting better and more affordable I’m wondering if there is a way to snap windows to a smaller grid (e.g. 3×3 or even 4×4). On Windows tools like Dell Display Manager seem to offer the kind of flexibility I’m looking for. Is there anything that can help me accomplish this? I have checked the KDE Store for KWin Scripts but didn’t find anything that would help me accomplish this.

I’m using KDE Plasma 5.18.5 on Ubuntu 20.04.

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