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Issues Accessing Apache Server Hosted Over Mobile Data Network

I have an Apache server configured to serve files which works fine when I set Apache to listen on* or*. I can access the site from the local machines browser either with localhost or either of the above two IP addresses.

Trying to access from my phone, connected to the same network, I’m having issues.

I have tried binding Apache to my public IP Address and varying the listening ports. When I then enter my public IP in my phones browser (DuckDuckGo) the browser is stuck in a loading state.

I’m not sure how to get around this, my Apache error_log has no record of a connection attempt. I’m pretty new to web hosting so I’m wondering if there’s something I’m missing. How should I fix this ?

Note: The Apache server is running on my laptop which is hotspotting from my phones mobile data. Not sure if this may be a factor in the issue. I’m also aware that static IPs are recommended for this type of thing, yet from my understanding this should work just fine with a dynamic IP.

Help is appreciated !

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