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Is it possible to install a new windows without downloading GTA 5 again?

I use the Epic Games Launcher to run GTA 5. The Rock Star Launcher is used too. The two accounts are linked.

I contacted Rock Star support and they informed me that it’s okay to install a new windows as they have a "Scan" feature which will detect the previously downloaded files of GTA. And, I’ll not have to re-download it.

I contacted Epic Games support but they said I’ll have to download the whole game again when I install a fresh new windows which doesn’t make sense for me because the game has a big size (about 100 GB) and it’ll finish my internet quota and it’ll take time to download it again.

Is there a way to get around this?

Some ideas that may help: Can I separate or unlink the two accounts so that I can run GTA using rock star launcher only? Is it possible to backup or save some data of the Epic games launcher so that I can restore it after downloading the new windows?

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