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Is it legal to use poetry elements/sound devices as hints like “alliteration 3”, “assonance 3”, and “rhyme 3” in Codenames?

Poetry elements/sound devices include alliteration, assonance, consonance, and rhyme. An example of a clue would be "assonance 3" for "code", "control", and "candy". I checked the rules, and I’m unsure. This is the most relevant rule:

Your clue must be about the meaning of the
words. You can’t use your clue to talk about
the letters in a word or its position on the table.
Gland is not a valid clue for ENGLAND. You
can’t tie BUG, BED, and BOW together with
a clue like b: 3 nor with a clue like three: 3.

Unlike "b", "alliteration" actually lives up to its meaning as a hint that it’s similar consonants at the beginning of words. However, the words "code", "control", and "candy" don’t have anything to do with alliteration itself in the meaning. I suppose the line "You can’t use your clue to talk about the letters in the word" makes it illegal, but it’s fuzzy.

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