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Is dynamoDb a good fit to maintain notification data that can scale in future?

In our application we currently use dynamoDb to store the notification details. So a scheduler runs twice a day which queries "notificationType"(pk -> notifiactionType, sk -> userId).
In each item there is an attribute(timestamp), based on which if the timestamp is more than the current time will send a trigger(more business logic that for some records one day after the timestamp a mail needs to be sent). Now once the user performs the activity for which the notification is sent, then will delete the entry

My query is that, if the data grows large for a notificationType, then retrieval of all the data is redundant because for some records the notification is not going to be sent. Hence more read capacity is used and that might potentially increase the cost in later point of time.
In this case would it be wise to use the existing dynamoDb or move to any other db like mongoDb, cassandra or any other db.

Note: My primary concern is the cost

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