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iPhone 12 charging

What I read about charging an iPhone 12 seems very confusing. Here’s what I understand and my questions.

  1. It supports wireless charging at 7.5 Watt.
  2. It supports
    wireless charging at 15 Watt with a "MagSafe" charger. Question: So
    I need to connect the iPhone to the "MagSafe" charger and that has a
    cable plugged into the wall? Since I wouldn’t call that "wireless"
    do I understand this completely wrong?
  3. It supports USB-C
    charging with up to 20 Watt. Which means I need a USB-C charging
    port and the supplied USB-C to Lightning cable.
  4. It supports
    USB-A charging. Which means I need any old USB-A port and any USB-A
    to Lightning cable, which most people already have. Question: Is
    that correct? And how many watts can be supplied that way,
    especially if I use a higher powered Apple charger, or an Anker
    charger with "IQ ports"?

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