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Interpret disk errors output from ras-mc-ctl –summary

When I run ras-mc-ctl --summary I get the following output:

No Memory errors.

No PCIe AER errors.

No Extlog errors.

No devlink errors.
Disk errors summary:
    0:0 has 15356 errors
    0:2064 has 4669 errors
    0:2816 has 594 errors
No MCE errors.

Now, I’m not particularly concerned about there errors given that presumably even my CD/DVD drive which I haven’t used has them given that I only have 3 SATA devices and it is one of them, but I am regardless curious, how does this number notation line up with my physical drives? If I do lsblk I see a similar syntax which has the header MAJ:MIN (presumably Major:Minor), but the numbers there don’t line up at all with the ones here. The numbers in lsblk have 8 as major for all my disks and 11 as major for my CD/DVD drive, which does not line up with the numbers given to me by ras-mc-ctl.

How do I figure out which drives the numbers in ras-mc-ctl --summary correspond to and what do they mean?

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