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Integrity: problem loading X.509 certificate -65 + SSD check every boot + no updates in Software center

I was able to clean any error displayed before log into Ubuntu 20.04.1.
I am using the newest Kernel version 5.9 , because my Lenovo had issues with graphic drivers at actual stable version.

My Laptop specs:

Lenovo Ideapad 3 17"

AMD® Ryzen 5 4500u with radeon graphics × 6

I am using dual boot and I have only 1 SSD disc. I have no secure boot in bios. It’s called legacy mode there.

Displayed info/errors are at picture below:

enter image description here

My last issue is with Ubuntu Software Center updates displaying this message. Never happened before :

enter image description here

Nothing big, but I like to solve this, if it’s possible. I didn’t find a lot of info about. I don’t have problem to login to Ubuntu.
Thanks indeed for any ideas.

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