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Installing newer version of Rsync on offline El Capitan Mac [closed]

I have some files that I need to move between 2 offline Macs. Also, some files that I need to move onto a Linux machine. I would like to use rsync for this because it validates the copy task. For part of the copy operation, the command will be

rsync -rt /source/file /destination/file

I might need to also use some slightly more advanced commands (maybe more flags besides -rt)

Both run OSX El Capitan.

The whole motivation for this that I read that the factory installed rsync might have bugs. Source (2nd answer in this discussion):
Can timestamps be preserved when copying files on OS X?

Here are the things that I am struggling with:

1- seems like one way to update rsync is using a repository (I think that’s the right term).
However, I think that’s tough to do offline. I think I would have to create a repository on a USB stick?
2- I do see rsync downloads available here:
Maybe I should try that most recent version? But, most recent version was released way after the OS. I would think it would make more sense to grab a 4 year old version. In looking through the older versions, I see that there doesn’t seem to be .dmg versions. I actually came to this website (Github) to figure out what is deficient about a 12 year old version of rsync. But, I couldn’t find that information.

3- Maybe it’s an option just to copy and paste in the GUI. After that, run the diff command?

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