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Installing 18.04 on a preexisting Ubuntu 16.04 LVM setup

I’m trying to install Ubuntu 18.04 on my computer.

I have one harddrive that looks like so:

 - sda1: /boot/efi
 - sda2: /boot
 - sda3: [LVM:ubuntu-mate-vg]
   - swap_1
     - cryptswap1
   - /home
   - /

Now when I use the 18.04 Live USB it is unable to detect any existing OS. What I would like to know: how can I install the 18.04 on a new LVM partition, keeping my existing setup functional? I will of course shrink my existing setup and make space, but I’m concerned about: where do I pick to be the boot partition of this new install? where do I place the root? How would I add it to grub?

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