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Install 32-bit ubuntu on new 64-bit machine

I have a new hp 2020 laptop, which is obviously a 64-bit machine. I need to develop some projects on the DSP board, and required SDK can only be installed on a 32-bit machine (I have a binary installation file, which I cannot shared due to a license issue). I did the installation of 32-bit Ubuntu (16.04 Xenial) on the virtual machine without problems. So then, I’ve created a bootable USB with iso image, which however wouldn’t boot from bios (nor from ubuntu itself). I’ve read online that this problem comes from the fact that 32-bit Ubuntu doesn’t have UEFI boot. Please give me suggestions, how can I install 32-bit ubuntu on a new 64-bit machine in a dual boot mode or at least create a USB which could be launched from BIOS.

I want to assure you that I’ve spent a few hours googling for similar questions but couldn’t find an answer. I had no problem creating bootable USBs and CDs for 64-bit OS, however, has this unfortunate problem with 32-bit.

Thanks everyone for help!

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