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index.html can only link to certain pages like

I edited the default apache2 Debian index page and placed 2 links for testing purposes, but only one link worked.

Question: Why can I link to sites like Yahoo and YouTube but the link to my insecure home page hosted at does not work (page not found)?

Below is a copy of the default apache2 Debian index page I created on my Raspberry Pi. To better understand my problem, notice the 2 href links I entered for testing. The 1st link to works. The issue is the second link to my “unsecured” website “” comes up with “page not found”.

<!DOCTYPE html >
<html lang ="en">
    <meta content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" />
    <title>Creating Server Raspberry</title>
        <h1> Your Expert Tutor <h1>

<a href=""> alt="Your Expert Tutor">
<a href=""> alt="Your Expert Tutor">

However, this page is found if a search is done from another browser. Why does the link work but the link fail when both pages are available?

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