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increase /var partition by adding few disks

Before one year I extend the /var on the redhat 7.x server as the following from 100G to 200G

a. VG-A is the VG
b. server is VM server
c. file-system is XFS


1.  pvcreate /dev/sdb
2.  vgextend VG-A /dev/sdb
3.  lvresize --size +100G /dev/mapper/VG-A-lv_var
4.  xfs_growfs /var

so /var increased to 200G

now we are thinking to add another 100G to /var by adding a new disk – sdc , as we did in steps 1-4 , in order to increase /var to 300G

so the meaning is that sdb and sdc will be allocated to /var , additional to part of sda disk ( sda disk is the OS disk )

my question is

is it ok to add 2 disks in order to increase the /var?

I am asking because maybe adding number of disks , in order to extend /var size could be problematic for example if one of the disks ( sdb/sdc ) are failed . then /var will not functional

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