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In search of a solution to preserve thumbnails (thumbscache.db?) only for a specific directory

As you probably know, Windows XP has a feature of thumbnail caching. On each directory with photos you can find a hidden thumbs.db file that stores folder and file thumbnail references, that “thumbs.db” file stores the cache for Windows Explorer’s thumbnail view to reduce thumbnail loading times, so that folder content doesn’t need to be recalculated every time the folder is viewed and this mean it will load much faster.

This feature was reworked on newer Windows versions. Now on Windows 10 we have just a single and “temporal” thumbcache_xxx.db (numbered by size) in a single folder, which acts to store folder and file thumbnails from any directory that you view on your machine.

A rework does not mean an improvement, this concept fails for directories with a large amount of files and/or images, or with loads of folders with custom icons (specified in the hidden desktop.ini file), because its just now a single thumbcache_xxx.db file that stores all thumbnails from all the directories, and it has a size limit… that you can increase by hacking the Windows registry, but at the end you will have a very big thumbnails cache file full of junk references inside and you will end up deleting/renew the thumbnail cache for the sake of god.

In my opinion, It would be much, much simpler if Microsoft let people the personal decision to be able generate single thumbs.db files for specific folders while the newer thumbcache_xxx.db concept still does it’s job with other directories that does not have a thumbs.db file, I mean both concepts could live together.

Now, my problem and question:

I have a directory with around ~2000 folders with custom icons (I mean, each folder has a hidden desktop.ini file that indicates a custom icon file for thumbnail preview), an example of what I mean:

so every time that I view that directory, I must face the very high load times to complete thumbnails generation for all folders (more than 5 minutes) while I try to scroll down with the scrollbar to let windows slowly generate the rest of thumbnail cache. It’s a pain, too slow and clunky.

Increasing the max. allocation size for thumbcache_xxx.db is not a valid solution for me, because I don’t want a single file that messes all the icon/thumbnail references from that directory with 2000 folders together with references from all other directories on my disk. I just would like to have a single thumbs.db for that directory with 2000 folders, inside that directory, so that file will preserve the cache of the icons I want to preserve and nothing more, so that folder content wouldn’t need to be recalculated anymore every time the folder is viewed and this mean it will load much faster. But It seems can’t do this in a proper way with Windows 10 thumbnail cache features…

Exists a solution for this?. What are my options at this point?. Which could be an acceptable approach to solve this problem I face? (not returning to use Windows XP of course).

I searched the Internet to try find any program or shell extension or just some thing that could hack/bypass thumbcache_xxx.db features in order to let me generate thumbs.db files for specific directories, but it seems does not exists anything similar like that.

Is there any magical registry value that I can set to be able generate thumbs.db files for each directory like in Windows XP era?. Any alternative then?.

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