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ima: error communicating to tpm chip but no TPM settings

Apologies as I think this may be a duplicate of How to solve "ima: error communicating to tpm chip" messages during boot
But I am hoping you can help.

I installed the current version of Lubuntu (which I have used for many years) over the weekend on my new HP Z230 workstation.

All was going fine till Google remote desktop kept me from accessing secondary drives. Removing it fixed this problem, but the next restart led to the above error during boot.

Having tried a number of times, I can boot Lubuntu in recovery mode, I can boot into a live USB, though this produces the above error before starting. Normal start up is rare, and instead the system stops at the HP screen.

The BIOS itself does not appear to have a ton of settings, so I cannot just enable it as far as I can tell.

Does anyone have any ideas what has happened & how to fix it?

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