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iLO Interface connections of storage device in the server rack

I have a setup of 3 racks. In each there are 2 storage server (HP DL560 GEN8) and 4 compute server (HP DL360 GEN8) and 2 control planes (HP DL360 GEN8) and on top of the rack 2 patch panels. Above all the 3 racks two spine switches are used to connect all of them. Please check the picture below as an example of one rack.

Racklayout End of Row (EoR)

I am not sure if I need to make further connections, e.g. connecting storage device to compute device through an iLO (HP propriety internet port)?

Does the overall topology look ok, or do I miss something?

Any help/ feedback will be much appreciated!

Many thanks and please let me know if more info is required. Turan

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