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If you have two words left to link as spymaster, but they are extremely related to an opponent’s word, what should you do?

In about 10% or more of my games, I find myself in a tricky dilemma, where it seems almost impossible to link two words without hitting an opponent’s card or a black card. I don’t know if using a two hint clue or a one hint clue would be wiser here.

Wall, brush are my words left. Their other words are picture and one other irrelevant word left.
The hints I can think of are "mural 2" or "graffiti 2", but both have high risk of hitting picture.

In this scenario, should I use a one word or two word clue? What are advantages/disadvantages of each. Perhaps there’s a way to link those two without hitting picture, but assuming there is none for the sake of this question, what are the pros and cons of each play?

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