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How to work with MythX in a Truffle project to analyze a contract?

I work with Truffle and Windows Powershell. I have a smart contract. Now, I want to analyze the contract’s security with Mythx. For that, I installed pip3 to install MythX CLI after that. Now, I have it. Also, I have a MythX free account to product API key and view the analysis. But, I don’t know what command i should give to Powershell to begin the analysis. I read document MythX suggests that. According to that, I enter the followed command after contract migration in Powershell when i am in my project directory (Suppose my contract name is myContract):

mythx analyze --include myContract.sol

But the below message emerges:

INFO: Could not find files for the given pattern(s).

Do i enter the related and right command? How should i work with MythX to analayze my contract?

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