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How to select photos by file-name when opening from inside an app?

I am converting hundreds of A4 pages of handwritten text into computer text with the amazing Pen to Script app on my Android 10 phone. I got many more to process and I go crazy on one detail:

Here is my problem: Every time I start a new page, I have to select its photo from a very full folder. But every time I get offered some useless (for this purpose) "app switcher" (I am not sure that is its correct name) where I see recent photos and a choice of several apps to select photos.

Problem is also that at thumbnail-size on a phone, all pages of handwritten text look the same.

In my app switcher I found an icon that looks like six tiny white rectangles on a small grey rectangle. This gives me the view I need: file names rather than thumb-nails.

Update: The view which give me the file-names in the app switcher is called "list view"; found that on long-tap on its icon. So please, how can I set "list view" as my default to come up each time I have to select a photo?

I would have preferred to have Total Commander come up, whenever I have to select a photo. But if a user can show me how to make the file-name-view sticky in my app switcher, that would be a solution for this present project.

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