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How to replace multiple file lines with an edited grep output?

I grep recursively in a directory, now I got an output.
Look through the lines, I change lines what I need to change, and remove lines what I don’t need to change.



./path/a.c:12345:         AAAAAA:AA
./path/b.c:123:             BBBBB:BBB
./path/b.c:1238:           CCCCCC:CC

edited grep.txt

./path/a.c:12345:         cccc:ccc
./path/b.c:1238:            bbb:bbbbbbb

it meant’s I want to change the files with my edited grep.txt, I need 12345 line in ./path/a.c is


1238 line in ./path/b.c is


Is there any solution use awk, sed or any other tools?

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