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How to redirect the customer to the success page after Payment from Stripe?

I am using Stripe to handle my payments for my own rental website. (Backend – DJANGO)

Previously, I was using Stripe ChargesAPI and was manually sending out payouts to the Host of the property but I came to know that it can be automated by using Stripe PaymentIntentsAPI.

I have successfully managed to onboard my customers to receive payments in their bank accounts using Stripe Express.

After creating the payment intent and passing to the client I can charge their account as well as update my database for the booking.

The problem I am facing here is after the payment is done, I want to redirect the customer to the success page or payment failure page which I was able to do it by passing my reservation ID and updating it as payment received which I now do by using Webhooks.

How can redirect my customer to the success page showing the receipt of the booking?

After Payment Completion

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