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How to prevent shutdown on power key press on Mac os X (keyboard damage after liquid spill causes random power downs)

I had some liquid spill on the keys the other day. So far I have had to disable the arrow keys since they kept activating. The same thing is happening to the power key. The dialog comes up and if I am not there to click Escape it powers down. There is no way to disable the power key or remap it using apps. It keeps happening a few times a hour. I have already tried cleaning the key and it did not work so I am looking for a quick fix to continue working.

Is there a way to prevent my Macbook from shutting down via the power key or perhaps run a script as soon as it is pressed? I imagine clicking escape automatically after the power key is pressed would work. I actually made an applescript to click escape every 1 second to not power down while I stream and that did work I guess but it makes the computer completely unusable during that time.

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