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How to prevent LiveCD from automatically starting md, luks, lvm and bcache

Is there any way to build a Debian based LiveCD that will have everything to create and mount md-raid, luks, lvm and bcache (without need to apt install after live boot) but will never automatically start any of these block devices for existing ones on boot?

I have a custom LiveCD (debootstrap / live-boot / grub-mkrescue) that is used for initial os provisioning on bare metal desktop boxes (used as soho servers) with ansible.

To be able to provision configs like : luks on lvm on bcache/md I need all these packets to be installed in livecd but this also makes kernel to autodetect existing raids bcache and lvm. If there were any previous raid / bcache or lvm volumes on disks or any combinations kernel will autodetect them and simply prevent disk repartitioning until all these special devices are stopped. Stopping these devices one-by-one by script becomes a real mess as they come in all kinds of combinations (lusk on lvm / lvm on luks etc) and also all the cases where only one disk of raid or bcache is in this box and another disk have its raid from another box.

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