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How to obtain optically pure mixture from racemic mixture

I recently studied stereo chemistry in school.All i know is that compound are optically active if they have no plane of symmetry and about the nomenclature we follow nomenclature…….

My questions

What makes stereo isomers different from conformational isomers.Why do the retain their configuration even at room temperatures?In other words why do we need to supply lot of energy to convert one isomer into another (correct me if i am wrong)

If we heat an optically pure mixture of will will we get a racemic mixture at end?

We know that the right handed sugar cant be metabolized by any organism (correct me if i am wrong) on earth hence many researchers are all trying to produce left handed sugar in a commercially viable way…why is this not easy?.Simply make a racemic mixture of glucose, put same harmless bacteria in that mixture they will soon consume all R-sugar and only L-sugar will be left.Then we can easily remove the bacteria .What makes the above process difficult?

What is the general principle behind obtaining a optically pure mixture?

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