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How to make a ‘Picture-book Cutscene’ in Unity 2D with simple 2D images?

I’m trying to implement a simple cutscene system in my Unity game, preferably one that allows cutscenes to play at the start and end of each of the levels.

What I was imagining was pretty similar to A Hat in Time’s ‘storybooks’ from it’s time rifts, but full-screen and advanced with a single key. The images are simple and comic-like, and I was wondering how to implement such a feature since it feels like it’s a bit different to Unity’s pre-existing Timeline system, as there isn’t many moving parts.

How do I go about approaching this problem? At least, I don’t know how to get the project to a state where a person can press a key to turn to the next page (whether or not there’s a visual transition to the next is optional) and once it’s done, to start the actual level/scene. Do I still use the Timeline for this? I know I could potentially use an empty game management prefab in order to set up when to play the cutscenes, however.

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