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How to identify bottlenecks in my home network

I have a fairly simple network setup,

  • Netgear CM1200 cable modem in master bedroom
  • Wired Ethernet throughout the house
  • Netgear R6700v3 wifi router connected to wired wall Ethernet in second bedroom
  • Computer (Windows 10) connected to the router via wired ethernet (NOT WIFI)
  • Cox gigablast (940 mb/s internet plan)

My problem is I’m getting terrible download speeds. Sometimes on I get 150mb/s but mostly I get 20mb/s and sometimes I get < 1mb/s. I also get a lot of packet loss.

My ISP is saying everything should be good so I want to run tests within my home to verify that its not my house wiring, or my router, or my cable modem. Is there any way to diagnose and verify everything is ok in the house?

I did a simple test where I unplugged my router and plugged in a laptop directly into my cable modem and I got 80 mb/s down.

How do isolate each component one at a time? Thanks!

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