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How to identify a material is perovskite or not from ICSD website?

This is more of a materials science question, but I believe many of you have referred ICSD database.

I am collecting a database of perovskite materials and got a little bit confused on how the structure type is defined in the ICSD website.

Please find a screen shot of ICSD results on PZT material.

Here, when mole fraction Zr=0.52, the Struct. Type is defined as FeNbPb2O6. Does it mean that PZT material when Zr=0.52 is not perovskite? And in general if the column ‘Struct. Type’ does not start with ‘Perovskite’, does that mean the material is not perovskite?

Finally, sometimes I see the structure type named ‘Elpasolie’ or LiNbO3(disordered). Are these also perovskites? (or double perovskites)

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