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How to hide player when in Shadow using Unity 2D Light System?

I have been looking for this for a couple of days now and cant find an answer; how can I hide a player when they are in the shadow when am using Unity 2D Light System? I know I can choose not to cast light on objects, but when I do it still shows the object in the shadow. What am looking for is hiding the player completely when they are in shadow, and when the light hits them it would reveal the player. This effect is in the game Among Us, I know that they are using some sort of shaders and they didn’t have 2D light when they were developing it.

So am assuming this would be a shader as well where it would reveal the player when they are in the light and hide them when they are in the shadow. Below are pictures of what I have and what I want it to look like.

This is what I have in Unity
Among Us In Unity With 2D Light

So you can see that the player is not hidden in the shadows, but rather its blacked out.

But this is what am looking to recreate:
enter image description here

You see how the top half of the body which is in the shadow is hidden while the bottom half is revealed because its in the light? This is the effect that I want to recreate.

Is there some sort of Shader or code that can do this? I really been looking for something like this for so long and couldn’t find it. Any help will be really appreciated.

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