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How to force YouTube to list apps most recently used to the top of the share menu?

How can I customize the list of services that pops up when I choose to "share" something in an app? is what I need to do, but specifically for the YouTube App, because the list of apps that are listed in the share menu seem to be quite randomized. It would seem the best to always order the share menu to list the most-frequently-used apps to the top of the list. The answers there are out-of-date.

I examined one app that claims to modify the list, but found an answer in a comment on that app that implies that other apps cannot control it:

Everything is great, love the dark theme and pinning abilities, for some reason however it doesn’t work on the YouTube app? It is set as my default, and I can share articles and Reddit links and so on, but not YouTube links via the app. I am using Oxygen OS if that is any help

Hi Barking (is that your real first name? 🙂 ). Youtube uses its own share dialog (as do other Google apps like Maps, Photos, News, etc). There’s nothing I can do about that, I’m afraid. You could send feedback through the Youtube app and ask them to drop their ridiculous home-grown share dialog which tends to put often-used apps near the bottom

Is that the case, or is there some other way that I can use to control the share-menu list order? I’m not really interested in rooting the phone, but if that is the only way, then I would like to know.

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